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Employment through an agency

  • Find out as much as you can about the agency with whom you're signing a contract

  • Remember that agencies can provide services: temporary employment and job placement are not the same

  • Try not to change employment agencies – you will have more rights

There is a difference between the services provided by an agency: job placement and temporary employment.

Job placement is about associating and connecting employers with employees. Therefore, when the agency concludes a contract between you – the employee – and a foreign employer, the role of the agency and their contact with you ends there. This means that the foreign employer is your sole employer responsible for paying your salary, payment of contributions and income tax instalments. Therefore, when you make contact with an agency providing job placement services, you sign two contracts: first the contract with the agency, then with the foreign employer. At the moment of signing the contract with the foreign employer, your contract with the agency ceases to apply.

Temporary work is a situation where the agency hires you as THEIR employee and refers you for jobs to a so-called client-employer. For the duration of the contract you may work for one employer, or you may work for a few, or a few dozen. The agency decides where and for how long you will be seconded to a job. When you make contact with an agency providing temporary work services you sign a single contract with the agency. In this case, the agency is your employer – they pay your salary, contributions and income tax instalments.

Employment agencies in Poland provide both these services. Be sure about the conditions of cooperating with the agency.

The third case is occurring more and more often: If a Polish recruitment agency "connects" you to a Dutch temporary employment agency in the Netherlands, you will have to sign two contracts. The first, in Poland, is a contract for work referral (to the Netherlands) and the second, in the Netherlands, is an employment contract (once you're in the Netherlands). In this case your employer is the Dutch temporary employment agency, not the job placement agency located in Poland! This means that, after being referred to the Dutch agency, you lose contact with the Polish agency. Your employer is then the Dutch temporary employment agency, which will commission you to work for various client-employers.

IMPORTANT: Find out as much as possible about the employer before leaving for the Netherlands. Ask for an example of the contract you will have to sign in the Netherlands.

You can find more information here.

The longer the employee works through a given temporary employment agency, the more rights they acquire (related to contract phases). Find out more about the contract phases here


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