Before you go back

Do you work in the Netherlands, but intend to return to Poland permanently or for a longer period of time? In that case, it is important that you take care of some formalities before you leave. This will make it easier for Dutch institutions to contact you, and for you to contact Dutch institutions on your return. It is also important to complete all procedures if you are receiving social benefits.

1. Check the terms of your notice of termination

It may happen that you are not happy with the conditions under which you are working and would like to return to the country as soon as possible. Before you do so, check the terms of your notice of termination. It may be that by failing to do so, you may expose yourself to certain consequences, such as a claim by your employer against you.

For more information on termination, see the video.

If have doubts, you can consult your situation, e.g. with the SNCU or the trade unions.

2. Deregister yourself from your municipality

If you are registered as a resident of a Dutch municipality and you are planning on leaving the Netherlands (permanently or for a longer period of time), you must inform your municipality of your departure. You need to do this if you are planning to stay abroad for at least 8 months out of the next 12 months. This does not have to be in a consecutive period. In this case, you will be de-registered from your address.

Your municipality will change your status in the Personal Records Database from ‘resident’ to ‘non-resident’ and informs other government authorities of your departure.

You have to deregister within 5 days before leaving the Netherlands. Check workinnl.nl or your municipality’s website for more information. If you are going abroad for a period shorter than 8 months, there is no need to notify the municipality.

3. Take care about your health insurance

  • If you move abroad (to so-called treaty country), and you will no longer work in the Netherlands, your Dutch health insurance will end. Therefore, when you start working in another country, you will be insured in that country in accordance with its legislation.
  • If you receive a benefit or pension from the Netherlands, then you have to arrange your new health insurance through the CAK 2 . Inform your Dutch health insurance company about your intended move abroad. Do so as soon as your date of relocation is known. Your health insurer terminates your existing health insurance as of the date of your move and stops the collection of the premium. Ask your health insurer for the consequences of your move for any additional insurance(s).

Please note

  • If you are (still) working in the Netherlands but you leave in your country of origin, you cannot cancel your health insurance. You can also not register with the CAK. Do you live in a treaty country? Please request a document S1/form 106 from your Dutch health insurance company for your medical care in your country of residence. You can use this form to register with your local health insurance company.

4. Consider what to do with your bank account

Whether you are leaving the Netherlands temporarily or permanently, take care of your access your bank account online. If necessary, you will be able to close your account remotely. Otherwise, you will only be able to close your account and possibly transfer the funds in it to another account if you appear in person at the bank.

5. Make sure that you know your BSN number

After leaving the Netherlands, you will still need to contact the Dutch authorities for some time. You may want to work in the Netherlands again. For this, you need your unique personal number (BSN). Make sure you know it.

Have you lost your BSN? You can find it on many official documents, for example in your correspondence with the Dutch tax office or in your health insurance policy.

If you need a duplicate of your BSN, you can apply in person at the municipality where you registered, or online if you have a DigiD. If you apply by post, the document will require additional certification. At the moment, the diplomatic mission in Warsaw does not provide this service.

6. Organise your DigiD

With DigiD, you can use the digital services of government organisations online. Easy access to your official matters will come in handy even when you return. You may, for example, want to settle your taxes or submit applications to the UWV or SVB for your social benefits. With DigiD, you have direct access to your account and will be able to deal with official matters faster than by corresponding by post. More information is available here.

7. Is your return related to your state of health?

Do you want to return because your state of health does not allow you to work under your current conditions? Remember that in such a situation, it is the responsibility of your employer to take care of your reintegration. Your company doctor can advise your employer to find you a job in a position that suits your needs.

Have you had an accident or become so seriously ill that you are completely unable to work? Remember that you are also entitled to short term or a long term sickness benefit from your employer if you are forced to return to Poland. It is therefore necessary that you keep your employment contract and fulfil your obligations in relation to this benefit (e.g. attend medical checks). Read more on the UWV website.

8. Check the conditions for collecting social benefits abroad

Let us give you some examples:

  • If you work or live outside the Netherlands, the amount of child benefit (kinderbijslag) may change. Sometimes you will receive benefits from the country where you live or work instead of benefits from the Netherlands. You can find more details on the SVB website.
  • If you receive a benefit linked to your income from the tax office (Belastingdients), such as supplementary child allowance (kindgebonden budget), you must inform the office of many changes, including your departure from the Netherlands, within 4 weeks. Read more on the Belastingdienst website.
  • If you receive the unemployment benefit from the Netherlands, you can only export it under certain conditions. First, you must actively look for work in the Netherlands for a period of 4 weeks. You must submit a corresponding application to the UWV even before you leave the Netherlands. Find out more on the UWV website.

Dealing with official matters will be much easier if you have a DigiD.