Employer / Self-employed person
Employer / Self-employed person

About the duty to notify

Foreign employees temporarily posted in the Netherlands must be notified with the Dutch government. This applies to employees from the EU, EEA and Switzerland. By notifying the employees, the government can ensure that they can work under safe, healthy and fair conditions. And that the correct, Dutch working conditions apply. In this way, we counter unfair competition.

The process

Notification of posted workers is given in two steps. Both the Dutch client and the foreign employer or self-employed person have a role to play. Together they are responsible for the notification.


Notification is compulsory. If the posted worker is not registered, both the Dutch client and the foreign employer/self-employed person risk being fined. The Netherlands Labour Authority checks this. Make sure the notification is in order before the posted worker starts the assignment. This way, you ensure that you are not fined and you will help create a fair labour market.

More information for foreign employers/self-employed persons.