Registering in the Netherlands

When you arrive in the Netherlands, the first step is to register with the Dutch authorities. When you register, you receive a BSN number. BSN is a unique number given to everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands, whether temporarily or permanently.

It is therefore important for things like your salary, bank account and health insurance.

We recommend you to also apply for a DigiD, which you can use for the online services of government organisations.


  • Are you staying in the Netherlands for less than 4 months? You will then be registered as a non-resident of the Netherlands (‘niet ingezetene’). This registration can be done at one of the 19 available Non-Residents (RNI) offices.
  • Your stay will be longer than 4 months? Then you register as a resident (‘ingezetene’) in the municipality you live in.

Are you going to move within the Netherlands because you are going to work elsewhere?

Please inform your new municipality of your new address.

Can I live and work in the Netherlands without a BSN?

No, that is not permitted. Without a BSN you cannot work in the Netherlands if you are working for a Dutch employer. Your employer needs your BSN in order to file your payroll tax return. You also need a BSN if you live in the Netherlands. Only if you are not living here, but you are only working here (temporarily) for an employer abroad, or have been posted here by an employer abroad, then
you do not need a BSN.

Consult your questions:

  • How do I register?
  • What kind of documents I need to register?

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