Working healthy and safely

A healthy and safe workplace

Working healthily and safely is a key issue. In the Netherlands, employers and employees must follow certain rules. Your employer is obliged to inform you and explain them to you, as well as to ensure you personal protective equipment. If there is something you do not understand or if you need more information, talk to your manager.

Do you still have questions after this conversation? You can also talk to people from the works council (OR) of the organisation or to the company’s prevention officer.

If your workplace remains unsafe after these conversations, you can report it to a special organisation: the Netherlands Labour Authority, which checks whether companies are following the rules. You can contact the Inspectorate on +31 (0)800 – 5151 to make a report, or you can pass on information online.

Working hours

Do you have questions regarding the rules for working hours and breaks? Do you know that sometimes the sector has drawn up additional rules? Do not forget to double check your collective labour agreement (CAO) or ask your employer which rules apply to the company you are working for. All the information or the references to the CAO should be included in your contract.

Do you have questions regarding:

  • Work in night shifts?
  • Payment for extra hours?
  • What to do in case of illness?

Check the information at workinnl.nl.