Employer / Self-employed person
Employer / Self-employed person

Online notification

There is a duty to notify for employers abroad and self-employed persons with a duty to notify from the EU, EEA or Switzerland who have a temporary posting or assignment in the Netherlands. They must indicate to the Dutch online notification portal what work they will be performing, the period in which it will take place and whether they are bringing employees with them. The arrival of all posted workers must also be notified.

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User manual for the online notification system

More information

You can find more information for employers abroad and self-employed persons here.


If you have a question about the duty to notify or the WagwEU, please consult the FAQs first. If you cannot find the answer there, consult government.nl. You can also contact the Public Information Service through government.nl.

If you have a question about the notification portal or are encountering technical problems, please contact the Technical Helpdesk. You can find the contact details of the Technical Helpdesk in the online notification portal.