Living in the Netherlands

How to arrange the accommodation?

A good home is important and involves a lot of arrangements. Find out what the options are.

Often, your employer arranges accommodation for you. You might need to check the following information:

  • What do I need to know when my employer arranges my accommodation?
    If your employer or the employment agency provides you with accommodation the rent can be deducted from your wages. The maximum amount that can be deducted is 25% of the minimum wage that applies to you. In that case the accommodation has to be registered and meets a number of minimum requirements. Read more on AKF (association for an agricultural and horticultural sector) and SNF websites.
  • How will I know if my accommodation fulfills adequate standards?
    Make sure that your employer /temporary work agency provides an accommodation according to SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen – Stowarzyszenie Regulacji Zakwaterowania Pracowników Tymczasowych) rules. The register of SNF is available here.
  • Do I have to leave my accommodation if I no longer have work?
    A temporary agency worker must leave the accommodation that he rents from the temporary employment agency within 4 weeks at the end of an agency work employment contract. During that period, the temporary agency worker pays the same rent as during his employment.

It might happen that you are temporarily without a home, or that your home does not meet the requirements. Check what to do in that case.

Do you want to complain about your accommodation?

  • If your accommodation has special quality mark (SNF), call the Foundation for flexible housing standards (Stichting Normering Flexwonen, SNF) on +31 (0) 135944109.
  • Are you living in housing that you think is unsafe? With a lot of people in one room or in a house? Are you in disagreement
with your landlord? Contact the Juridisch Loket for advice or make an appointment by phoning 0900 80 20.
  • Your rent might be too high? Please visit huurcommissie.nl to find out about the maximum amount of rent you should be paying. If you have a lease, you can also contact the government authorities by phoning 1400 within the Netherlands or +31 (0) 774656767 from abroad.

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