Employer / Self-employed person
Employer / Self-employed person


For the transport sector, there are some exceptions to the notificaton rules.

The majority of types of transport are excluded from the duty to notify. Freight transport by road can be notified via a one-year notification.

One-year notification

You can use a one-year notification if you work as an employer abroad or a self-employed person in the freight transport by road sector (General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities within the European Communities group H 49.4). This also applies if you provide services on behalf of a service recipient or company in the Netherlands.

No duty to notify

You do not need to notify your services as an employer abroad or self-employed person in any of the sectors identified by the following SBI codes (SBI is the Dutch version of the General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities within the European Communities, or NACE):

(H) Transport and storage, groups:

  • 49.1 Passenger rail transport (not tram or metro);
  • 49.2 Freight rail transport;
  • 49.3 Passenger transport by road;
  • 49.4 Freight transport by road, provided that such work consists exclusively of transporting goods through the Netherlands without loading or unloading in the Netherlands;
  • 50 Water transport;
  • 51 Air transport;
  • 53 Post and courier activities.

You must notify if you work in one of the other categories.

You can find the sector, in which your work is defined under, on the website of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, in Dutch and English.

For more information about the collective agreements in the transport sector and compliance with them, see the Vervoersbond Naleving cao Beroepsgoederenvervoer (VNB).