Employer / Self-employed person

Questions about the duty to notify and the WagwEU

If you have a question about the rules and regulations regarding the duty to notify and the WagwEU, please consult the FAQs first.

If you cannot find the answer there, please consult government.nl. You can also contact the Public Information Service through government.nl.

You can find more information about the WagwEU, the minimum wage and other applicable terms of employment, and more general information about living and working in the Netherlands on the following sites:

Questions about the reporting system

If you have technical questions about the online reporting system or if you encounter technical problems, please contact the reporting system Technical Helpdesk. You can find the contact details of the Technical Helpdesk in the online notification portal.

Advice and support

Are you unsure whether the duty to report applies to you or to the party you are engaging? Then request your personnel advisor or HR assistant for support or consult the umbrella organisation for your branch:


Employers’ organisations

Or go to The European Job Mobility Portal for a list of employers’ organisations in all the EU countries.

Liaison Office

The Liaison Office is a legislative link in the exchange of (personal) information with other countries. If you have questions concerning the exchange of (personal) information with regard to complying with the WagwEU, you can contact the Liaison Office through ailiaisonbureau@minszw.nl. You can find a list of all the national liaison offices in the different member states here.