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I drive in the Netherlands as a foreign driver

Do you drive in the Netherlands as a foreign driver

Do you drive in the Netherlands as a posted foreign driver? And is the transport company you work for based in the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland? If so, you will be entitled to at least the Dutch employment conditions.

Better terms of employment

There is a new law in Europe. Under this new law, posted drivers are entitled to the terms of employment that apply in the country where they work. Do you drive trips in the Netherlands? If so, you may be entitled to better terms of employment. You could be entitled to a higher salary or more holiday hours, for example.

Am I a posted driver?

The law applies only to posted drivers. Posting means that you work temporarily in the Netherlands while your employer is based in another EU country. The type of trip you drive determines whether you are posted. Cabotage and third-country transport are always considered posting, for example. Bilateral trips are usually not. The figure below shows examples of these trips.

Not sure if you are posted? Fill in the online tool. You will know if you are posted as a driver within three minutes. Important note: this law does not apply to self-employed persons.

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What are the Dutch terms of employment?

Are you a posted driver? If so, you are entitled to Dutch terms of employment if they are better than the terms of employment of your home country. Your employer must offer you these terms of employment.

Terms of employment cover various topics. The list below shows what the Dutch terms of employment are.

In some cases, a ‘universally binding collective agreement’ applies. In that case, the core employment terms of that collective agreement will apply. Read more about that here.

I am not receiving the right terms of employment

Are you entitled to better terms of employment but not receiving them? Take action! Discuss the matter with your employer and refer to this webpage.

Not getting anywhere with your employer? In that case, take the following steps:

  1. Ask your home country’s union for help.
  2.  If your home country’s union cannot help, seek help from the Dutch trade union FNV
  3. Is your employer still not offering the right terms of employment? In that case, you can file a report with the Netherlands Labour Authority.

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Do you have any questions about this law? Or would you like to know more? If so, get in touch here.