Employer / Self-employed person

How can I find out what information there is about me in the system?

As a worker, you do not have to make a notification yourself through the notification portal; it is your employer who does so.

The employer notifies your name, gender, date of birth, nationality, identity number, information about where the social security contributions are paid, and possibly your email address.

If you wish to know what information there is about you at the notification portal, you can submit a request in writing to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment through Rijksoverheid.nl. The Ministry aims to answer the request within four weeks. For the Ministry to be able to respond as efficiently and effectively as possible, it is important that your request be accompanied by a copy of a valid ID, for example, through the KopieID application for smartphone. Without a valid ID your request cannot be dealt with. Once your identity has been established, the copy of your proof of identity will be deleted immediately. See also the privacy statement of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.