Employer / Self-employed person

I am a foreign transport company and am now filing notifications for postings in the European Notification Portal (IMI). I want all my personal data removed from the Dutch portal (postedworkers.nl)? Is that possible?

No, the data from the Dutch portal cannot be deleted. Your details are in the portal because you are legally obliged to file a notification in the portal under the Posted Workers in the European Union (Working Conditions) Act (WagwEU).

Since 1 June 2022, in almost all cases you are required to file a notification in the European portal. on the page ‘what constitutes posting‘.

Postings that you should continue to file a notification for in the Dutch notification portal:

  • Intra-group company postings. That is if you post one of your employees to a branch of the same group or concern in another country.
  • Temporary employment by a foreign temporary employment agency- Cross-border transport operations by a self-employed driver based abroad.