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I send international chauffeurs to the Netherlands. Do I have to notify them?

Yes, if you transport goods or people between two points in the Netherlands (cabotage) or if you load or unload in the Netherlands as part of a non-bilateral transport.

Non-bilateral transport, also called cross trade, means that the chauffeur is involved with international transportation outside of the Member State where the service provider/transport company he is employed with is established. This could for example concern a chauffeur employed by a transport company established in the Czech Republic who transports a shipment of goods from Marseille to Venlo. With respect to that part of the route driven in the Netherlands, the driver will be deemed to be a posted driver. If any of these two situations apply, you must notify international chauffeurs through the notification portal.

You can do so through a one-year notification.

From 2 February 2022 onwards, you will also be able to submit a notification in the new European portal for the transport of goods and persons in case of cabotage or international transport. This portal is available from: Road Transport – Posting Declaration

Should you make use of this option, you do not have to submit a one-year notification via this site.

This option to submit a notification is available to all transport companies that have employees perform cabotage or non-bilateral transport (also referred to as cross trade) in the Netherlands on the basis of a contract of carriage. An online training course about this new European portal for businesses is available in multiple languages from: Road Transport – Posting Declaration

This European portal was established by European Directive 2020/1057/EU. As soon as the Netherlands has transposed this Directive into its national legislation, which is expected to have been completed in late 2022, the submission of a notification using this portal will become mandatory for all road transport postings.

You do not have to notify via this website or via the European portal if there is no loading and unloading in the Netherlands (in transit). For more information about the collective agreements in the transport sector and compliance with them, see the Vervoersbond Naleving cao Beroepsgoederenvervoer (VNB).