Employer / Self-employed person

In which cases do I still need to file a notification in the Dutch portal?

In some cases, a posting must be reported to the Dutch portal instead of the European Notification Portal (IMI). Those cases are:

  1. For temporary employment: if an employment agency in another EU country temporarily seconds drivers to a transport company in the Netherlands. Please note in these cases additional rules for temporary hiring apply.
  2. For group company secondment: if a transport company is established in an EU country other than the Netherlands and is part of a group or concern. If you temporarily post your drivers to the Dutch branch of the same group or concern, file a notification for to the Dutch portal.
  3. You are a self-employed non-Dutch driver in goods transport. You give notification of temporary work in the Netherlands at the Dutch notification portal if you are not based in the Netherlands but you load or unload goods in the Netherlands.